Día dos

January 8, 2017

I slept until 10:30 and I can say it was much needed. It was a rainy morning here, so that was definitely a soothing sound to sleep to. Mama Tica made me a fried egg for breakfast and I ate it with toast, kiwi, pineapple [piña] (first time I have ever eaten a kiwi or pineapple…. I’m being changed already), and rice. Never thought I’d have rice for breakfast, but it was really flippin’ good.

Yesterday Mama Tica said something about how the water in the shower did not heat up that much. I thought, “Okay, I can deal with a warm shower.. as long as it’s not cold we’re good.” Mind you, I like my showers steaming hot when I’m at home. So anyway, I turn on the shower today and the water would not heat up. Have you ever heard of a girl showering in under two minutes? There was no time to mess around or relax when the water was 17 degrees. So, now you’ve heard it from a girl. I showered in a minute and a half and shivered so much it hurt. Good times.

In the afternoon I got to adventure with some of my friends from ISU. We walked around the neighborhood (called Córdoba) to check out where we are living. Our walk around the neighborhood led us to a bar where we ordered Imperials (the most popular beer here) and two random appetizers. I still have no clue what we ate, but I do know it was good. So far I’ve learned sometimes I’m just going to have to try random things, especially when I can’t even read the menu.

When I got back home, we eventually had dinner around 7 (they eat kind of late here). We ate these flautas that had beef and cheese in them, along with some fantastic pico de gallo straight from Argentina. Then my roommates and I sat and talked with Mama Tica for a while.

I plan to blog as much as I can in these first few uncomfortable days, because I know as the semester goes on I will definitely get busier. Tomorrow will bring orientation, so it will be an exciting day for all of the study abroad students.

Buenas noches.



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