First day of class

January 10, 2017

Today I woke up at 11:30 (I swear I will make better use of my mornings soon). Our housekeeper, Lucy, served me a fried egg, beans and rice, toast and fruit for breakfast. Lucy, by the way, is the cutest/sweetest housekeeper ever. I went in my room afterward to play on Duolingo for a little while (this is the app that helps me practice Spanish). I use this almost every day, so hopefully it will increase my vocabulary. For now, my friends and I are all speaking some major spanglish. We’ve formed a new language, everyone should try to learn it and let us know how it goes!

I went to Veritas to sit outside around 1 p.m., even though my class didn’t start until 6. I can honestly say I’ve never been that early for a class in my life. HA. I left around 3 to hangout with some friends from ISU for a little before our ‘Vertebraes of Costa Rica’ class.

Before class we went to this cute little coffee shop that is right across the street from campus, I already forgot what it’s called. My blonde self ordered an espresso (speaking in Spanish) thinking it was going to be a coffee. I was very confused when they came out with a tiny coffee cup to say the least. So I ended up paying for the espresso shot along with a coffee, because of course, I did not know how to tell the server I ordered the wrong thing…

Anyway, my class is awesome and I encourage anyone who comes here to study the vertebraes of Costa Rica. We have two field trips planned for the semester (one on the pacific side and one on the caribbean side), where we literally just get to go study animal behavior. We get to learn about all of the animals in Costa Rica, which holds 5% of the Earth’s biodiversity while only taking up .05% of the Earth’s space (how flippin’ sweet is that?!). Yes, I’m being so nerdy about this but I feel so lucky that I get to study animals in one of the most diverse places on Earth.

I got back from class around 8 and dinner was waiting on the table (go Mama Tica, you rock my socks). My friends and I will be going out for the first time tonight to a club called ‘Dope.’ How dope is that? Ha. Haha. Rumor has it that a lot of the international students are going to this club, so it should be fun to get to know everyone.

Buenas noches amigos 🙂



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