A peek into my classes

January 11, 2017

Today I had class from 4 to 8 p.m. I slept until around 9:30 and had an amazing omelette for breakfast (trying not to bore you with every detail of my meal). Lucy rocks, end of story.

Rachael, Kasey, Hope and I decided to head to campus early so we could be outside all day. There aren’t many places to just sit outside since we are in a city, so we are more likely to go to campus or one of the nearby parks to be outside. It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside… 75 degrees and sunny with a breeze.

My first class was mural painting and public art. My teacher is the cutest human to walk the planet (if you met him you would agree), and has the coolest view on life and artwork. We spent an hour of the class walking around campus looking at walls that we could paint murals on. Our whole entire semester will be spent coming up with a project and completing a piece of public art on campus. I challenge you to come up with a class that is cooler than this one. You just won’t. The last hour of class was spent drawing whatever came to our minds. I suck at free drawing so I included a picture of my drawing for you all so you can make fun of me for being incredibly below average. Do with it as you wish.

My next class is another winner. Creative conflict resolution is basically 12 weeks of therapy for me. The class started with everyone standing in a circle and doing relaxation exercises for 10 minutes. Then, we proceeded to breathing exercises where we all bent over and pretended to lift a large rock together. When we exhaled, we threw the rock down and yelled all together to rid ourselves of stress. Are you laughing yet? My Monday and Wednesday nights for the next 12 weeks will consist of self-esteem boosting activities and relaxation techniques. HAHA. Happy senior year to me. Another part of this class is that we will get to visit a Costa Rican ‘halfway house’ to see what life is like for those getting out of prison.

Could I honestly have picked any better classes? Along with classes, I don’t think I could have picked a better place to be.

One of the strangest, yet also most amazing things about Ticos is that they like touch. Hugs are so normal here, along with kisses on the cheek. None of this is considered weird, as it would be in the U.S. The way the whole country interacts is highly based on people loving people. This has been my favorite realization so far, and something that really hit me today.

The club last night was amazing. Ticos love gringas (that’s what we are called here). I think we were on about 30 different Snapchat stories, the DJ loved us, and one Tico even asked us to take a picture with him and proceeded to say, “Best day ever.”

I love the people here and cannot wait to see what is in store. The past four days have felt like 5 months, so I can only imagine what the next three months are going to bring. These people know what it’s like to live simply, and that is something I will forever cherish about this country.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST (I keep forgetting to add this little fun fact in here). The other day when I thought I could only shower in cold water? Yeah… not exactly true. Who knew all I had to do was flip a switch to turn on the hot water? I suck.

Buenas noches.




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