Jaco Beach

January 13, 2017

Today will definitely go in the books as one of my favorite days in my life. We left for Jaco Beach around 12 p.m. and stopped at a river for about 20 minutes on the way there. The river had groups of crocodiles on the side of it, which was so cool to see up close. I basically felt like Steve Irwin and wanted to go open their jaws for a photo (that clearly didn’t happen, check my pics).

Arriving at Jaco Beach was breathtaking. The view is something pictures and words will never be able to do justice. I sat there in disbelief at how lucky I am to be studying abroad in such a beautiful, beautiful place.

I rented a surfboard for $10 and hit the waves with some of my new friends that I made on the bus ride there (an hour and a half ride). I have never surfed in my life, and I knew I was going to make an absolute fool of myself but I 100 percent did not care. My first time out I kind of got up for about half a second.

Around sunset, I convinced my friend Braden to go out a second time (shark fearing Moe does not swim in open waters alone). Anyway, surfing as the sun goes down is quite possibly one of the most beautiful things on Earth. There’s something special about the silhouette of the tip of a surfboard against the orange, purple, and yellow painted sky. On this second attempt in the waves, I got up about four times… practice makes perfect, right?! I mean I’m basically Bethany Hamilton now, no big deal.

We left the beach around 6 p.m. after a perfect day in the sun. I met people from basically all over the U.S. who are all awesome. It took us about two hours to get back to San Jose, but I suppose now would be the time to share my side story about the drivers in Costa Rica.

They’re absolutely nuts. Chicago drivers have NOTHING on Tico drivers. Luis, our bus driver, went down an exit in REVERSE to get out of sitting in traffic today. You’d think it’s just him being crazy, but no, two other semis did it right before him. I could go on and on telling stories about the ways of Tico drivers, but I think that will suffice for now.

When I got home from the beach, I had dinner and coffee with Lucy and Amanda after a hot shower. Tomorrow I will be heading to Monteverde to zipline and stay the night in the cloud forest. I think it’s supposed to be an exceptionally long zipline through tons of trees, so it will probably be another amazing view.

Buenas noches.




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