January 15, 2017

Saturday to Sunday of this weekend was spent in Monteverde, which is a cloud forest here in Costa Rica. It was a super touristy town, so most of the people there spoke at least a little bit of English.

On Saturday, we zip lined through the forest thousands of feet above these incredible mountains, where all you could see was GREEN. The view was something I will never be able to put into words. To make things easier, I included pictures of course. Even the drive up was amazing, as an hour-and-a-half of the drive was spent driving up the side of a mountain (wanna talk about getting carsick?). The image of this beautiful place is something I hope remains stamped in my head forever. Even pictures will never be able to fully portray the view I had as I flew 2 km across the forest hanging from a wire.

At the end of the zip line, came the 148-foot tall ‘Tarzan’ swing. I walked out on this beautiful bridge with the forest surrounding it. I got out to the Tico workers, and when I looked over the edge and saw the jump I was about to make I was appalled. I could not believe what I got myself into without even knowing it.

The workers were not influenced by my fear whatsoever, and continued hooking all the correct straps to the right places as I leaned over the edge of this gate that was 148-feet off the ground. I was panicking and told them not to push me, but also just completely trusted that they were hooking me up to the right cables and that these cables were not going to fail me. They opened the gate and told me to take one step. As I was about to take the step, they threw me off this ledge.

My eyes completely shut for the drop, but that initial jump was horrifying. In the end it was absolutely worth it, as I was swaying back and forth among the beautiful trees of Monteverde. Honestly, if you ever want a really good laugh you have to ask me for the whole video… but side note, it’s definitely rated PG-13 due to my use of profane language (you can’t blame me… I was jumping off a 148-foot ledge, sorry mom).

Saturday night we ate dinner in this restaurant called Treehouse Lounge, and it was an outdoor restaurant created solely around this giant tree in the center. It actually looked like a huge treehouse and was lit with outdoor lights and heaters. Along with the scenery, a live band was playing so it was pretty peaceful.

On our 3.5 hour ride back to San Jose, I got to thinking how that jump was kind of like my decision to study abroad. I had to completely trust the process of what was going on with the technical aspects, without being able to know exactly how the adventure was going to turn out. Then, I had to take that first step off the ledge and actually set out on my adventure. The first day I was in a full panic thinking I had made a mistake and I was so nervous for what was to come, in the same way I felt during that initial drop on the swing. Now, every single day, I realize how that leap of faith is turning out to be something really beautiful.

Buenas noches.



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