A typical week in San José

January 25, 2017

Monday morning was my first time out and about exploring the city of San José. Downtown is about a 15-minute walk from the university. I’m so glad I finally got off my lazy butt and went to explore, because the city of San José is awesome. I finally got a feel for where I am and all of the options of food/ stores located nearby, so that was a big plus.

The street art in this city is something I am the most obsessed with. Costa Rica doesn’t have a military (insane, right? If the U.S. did that we’d probably be done for…), so all of that money is invested in the culture and beauty of the city. What a place to live, huh? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our money was put towards something beautiful, instead of the tragedy of war? There’s some food for thought.

If I had to describe downtown San José to someone… I would compare it to Chicago, but take out the tall buildings and add in history and a huge splash of color. There’s color and activity everywhere. The buildings are definitely more run-down, and have probably been there for years. Street vendors covered the strip of stores and restaurants trying to sell anything and everything. The buzz of the city was fully alive, especially for a Monday morning. My friends Mariah, Olivia, and I had lunch at a rooftop restaurant where we people watched as we scarfed down an amazing meal.

Oddest part about San José is probably that they have a McDonalds on basically every corner and they had I think three Quiznos (Wut?). I thought that was a pretty random restaurant to add into the scheme, but hey, maybe that’s just my opinion. Good news is I found a Starbucks.

Rewinding to Monday morning real quick… LOL. Get excited for this one. I woke up in the morning to hammers pounding. I thought it was Giovanny (Mama Tica’s son) working out in the weight room that is next to my room, but boy was I wrong. Turns out a pipe burst in our kitchen and this man was trying to fix it. Fast forward to two hours later and there are two inches of water covering the kitchen and dining room floor… almost going out the front door.

I left for San José around that time, ate my bomb quesadillas with beans and guacamole for lunch, and then I come home to find out we have NO. WATER. Haven’t had any third world problems until this one… Ha. Haha. So, no water meant that we couldn’t flush the toilet, shower or brush our teeth. Imagine eating a huge meal of Mexican food and coming home to find out you can’t flush the toilet. I’ll let that one sink in… I think I’ve made it clear this was an awful situation. But hey, I survived, who needs water anyway?

Today in mural painting we practiced drawing people by drawing each other, and my professor told me that my proportion is ‘not there.’ I was so offended at first, but just took the criticism. I knew he was only trying to help me become better, and he gave me great advice. I’d argue my drawings got better as the two-hour class went on. Seriously the coolest class, I’ve never been forced to use my right brain until now and I’m lovin’ every second (even though sometimes it’s freakin’ hard to tap into that side).

Conflict resolution is also going well. We play a few games every class (yes, literally the games you play in elementary school to get to know your classmates), but we also talk about life. Meaningful conversations with a small group of open-minded individuals never hurt anyone. I can honestly predict this will be the class I learn the most from.

In comparison to these two classes, land vertebrates is such a snooze. Especially because it’s from 6 to 8 at night. No Professor Sanchez, I do not want to learn about 45 different frog species and the sounds they make right now! I guess it’s what I signed up for, right? At least I’ll get some cool field trips out of it.

Buenas noches





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